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  1. I really like your app, I'm waiting to see the stable V3 come out Waiting for that moment, I've a suggestion to do, I'm using Poweramp with OTG on Android 6 and work great, the only problem is that if I open Poweramp without plug the OTG pendrive, the app "lose" the data track. Obvisiosly if I plug the pendrive and open the App, start the autoscan and in a minute I've all my music again. Maybe introducing a "external database" so Poweramp know that this track it's on external pendrive and avoid to lose always the data, or store the track database on the otg pen, so when I plug it, Poweramp read the database and check only for changing. At this moment I've 4 GB of mp3 on the OTG and the scan it's speed, but with much more track can be problematic... Good work
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