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  1. You are correct, will be testing starting tonight. Thanks for pointing that out, didn't notice ...
  2. The problem with that is that it will repeat in the same order, destroying the whole shuffle idea. That is what I needed to hear. For now, what I've done is add the counter to the current playing screen, and when it gets close to the end, I simply go to the folder view and shuffle it again. Looking forward to an endless shuffle mode. I'd buy Poweramp again for that feature!!!
  3. How much more specific do I need to be? I have two folders, I don't want Poweramp to do anything with my secondary folder, while continuously shuffling (not repeating the random ordering of a single playlist) the files in the first folder. That's it, nothing more. I want to be able to manually make a queue with the files in the secondary folder, so removing it from the library is not a choice. The problem with selecting shuffle this folder is that it just randomizes them and plays the random selection in order, once that is completed it starts playing files from the secondary folder. If I told
  4. I am having an issue, and I searched and read relevant threads already. I have two music folders, one contains full (single file) albums, the other contains albums broken into individual tracks. What I want is for Poweramp to shuffle all the full albums, without entering the other folder when it completes the list. I want it to keep on shuffling the full albums, unless I tell it not to anymore. I think if the shuffle mode were made to act like a normal shuffle mode, this would work properly when I select my folder and tell it to shuffle. Instead, Poweramp creates a list of those albums in rand
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