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  1. Again.. LG V10 T-Mobile H901. Android Nougat OTA Snapdragon 808 + Sabre ES9018C2M Version 703/704 works well with MM but after updating to Nougat - it failed. I think we can fix it when rooted but unfortunately, currently we can not root.
  2. @maxmp Currently Lenovo Vibe X3 can use Hi-Res with Lenovo Hifi (Buld 703). I just want to ask you if you can build another version that can use Snapdragon 24 bit PCM for Lenovo Vibe X3. I understand why you said that Vibe X3 only support 24 bits/ 48 Khz. This is because hifi_flag is set as 0. If hifi_flag is 1, Vibe X3 can support 24/192 naturally ( I mean compress_offload playback). When I use V3 Build 703 with Lolilop, it can support 24/192 normally. Thank you and hope you can help us.
  3. Yes, You are right.. If I disable Dolby( Check in logcat and I see it switches Dolby to Off) the Netease Cloud Music can play and output 24 bit/ 192 Khz file because it uses compress_offload path. With Poweramp Alpha Build 703 when Dolby is switched On, all will be downsample to 16/48. So can you change the Hi-Fi to commpress_offload path so it can play 24 bits?We can disable Dolby manually Thank you @maxmp
  4. Hi @maxmp That's interesting that Poweramp is the first (that I know) support Turbo Hifi for X3. I can see the difference when switching between HiFi Mode.(In Build 703). 1. So the maximum of resolution is 24/48 and 16/192 currently and this is limited by Lenovo. Can you suggest anything to Lenovo's engineer or maybe you can help to improve it? 2. Currently, we have stock Music app (Chinese version), Poweramp and...TTPod can support Turbo Hifi. These apps can play Hi-Res file also but I don't know if this have to downsample or not. 3. The Tips for using Turbo HiFi is same as "Dac Fix for LG V10". We can play a blank audio file by stock Music player(or TTPod) and in the same time play music with Neutron, Sony Walkman...and we can see the difference when switching HiFi Mode. and of course we can not know if the signal go to DAC is Hi-Res. I already purchased Poweramp for such thing you did in Build 703. Thank you.
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