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  1. Dear Ducktamine,thanks for your great work on this minimal skin.It was your effort with this skin, that makes me use Poweramp again. I disliked too many aspects of the V3 but you brought back enough V2ishness so that I now can enjoy PA again.I just have one thing that I eould like to change:Almost all the font sizes are almost too small for me to read since I have not full eyesight anymore.So question:What can I do to change font sizes on lists, player UI etc.?
  2. +1 from me this one of many "show stopper" features that make me stay at v2. maybe someone more intimate can make like list of features that were in v2 but canceled in '3? after switching back to v2 since a while I tried to understand the progress of v3 but its almost impossible. such list would also enable max to eg clearly state a "will never come to v3" / "maybe" /"yes, soonish" next to it, so we know when it is worth checking v3 out again.
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