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  1. Can you explain how this can be accomplished? I have downloaded music via Google play and it does not show up in Folders or Library(even after a rescan)
  2. Seriously? In the last year I ve watched Poweramp go from an app Noone heard of to the most feature packed player on the market! And a dev who listens to and implements user requests! Be patient or develop it yourself...
  3. just copy and paste your entire sd card to a folder on your pc. Then copy and paste the contents of that folder to your new sd card. It's that simple, and you have a backup on your pc.
  4. My ASUS Transformer needs some Poweramp love. I'd be happy to Beta test!
  5. You rock Max! This is perfect! Just puchased a few days ago, hands down best music app for android!
  6. Long press would be great! And thanks for listening!
  7. Love this app! One addition that would make this perfect is easier access to the folder/library/playlist screen. Currently from the main player screen you have to press menu>folder>artist or playlist (all on the left hand side of the screen which makes it difficult to reach when using one hand on some of the larger screens like my EVO). This is 3 key presses which seems alot for me considering I just want to switch artist or playlist. A single small button on the right hand side of the screen could take you there with 1 press and allow for switching album, artist, song, playlist with one hand(essential for driving),the repeat button could be resized smaller(similiar size to eq/pre buttons) and the new button could be placed next to repeat button. Or the repeat AND shuffle button could be resized smaller and placed next to each other on the left side of screen, the new folder/playlist button could be on the right. I understand the need for a clean looking interface but this change(the addition of a single button) would be huge for useability! Please? Pretty please?!!! PS it would also be nice if there was an add new playlist selection on the playlist screen(would eliminate 2 keystrokes).
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