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  1. I never believed it when I had an Ipod but now that I use Poweramp on my Samsung/Android phone I definitely notice a difference in sound quality from FLAC files, especially on headphones... Anyone else agree?
  2. Thanks I had a bit of luck using MP3tag (it also tags FLAC files)....though it's not perfect...
  3. Can I add tags to the files using this software while they are still on my pc?
  4. Maybe I'm missing something but if I burn an album via ITunes to a folder on my pc desktop and transfer the folder to my mobile device (smartphone), Poweramp sees it as Unknown Artist/Unknown Album and I have to manually enter in all information except track name... Can this be rectified somehow?.....I currently have 579 songs that need tagging!
  5. How about normalization for tracks....depending on the source, some tracks are extremely LOUD while others are normal or soft sounding....can volume be normalized for all tracks like the old Ipod option?
  6. I received the automatic update, much to my surprise.......seems ok for the most part except my songs on each album now seem to play alphabetically, instead of numerically....is there a setting that I need to change? Also, I seem to have lost the track names to some of my songs...instead of the title I get some some gibberish......also EVERY song title that is correct now begins the track number.....wtf?
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