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  1. Hi, I have a LG G4 H815, running LOS 15.1 (Also, 16.0 should be available zoon). I'd love to have high res support. How can I help to make it happen?
  2. Hi, I'm a long time Poweramp user, I love the app and use it extensively with a relatively large music collection. A couple of issues that I've noticed while using builds 700-703: Audio stops momentarily on notifications despite Short Audio Focus Change option being off. This only happens in several applications such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Playing albums with CUE sheets results in weird behaviour in the following scenario: While playing tracks in random, if a track is part of an image with a CUE sheet, once the track ends, Poweramp proceeds to play the rest of the image as a continuation of the track instead of jumping to the next one. One small improvement that I would like to see, is more options for Volume Levels. Perhaps a custom amount of levels. Any feedback would be appreciated
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