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  1. AOKP has implemented a workaround for the lack of AVRCP in third-party music player. It this by using scrobbling data from Poweramp to feed the tags to AVRCP. This works like a charm on my Samsung Vibrant. There are two unofficial AOKP ports for the SGS2, Bezke and hydrog3n, which should support this functionality. Obviously, it would be better to have native AVRPC 1.3 support in Poweramp, but it does solve the problem for now.
  2. AOKP's recent Ice Cream Sandwich build 32 implemented AVRCP 1.3, which worked with stock music player and Google Player. Build 33 now supports Poweramp (and several other third-party players) for display of titles and artists via reading Scrobbling data from the app. This won't help those running stock OS, but is an option for those who are willing to run a custom ROM.
  3. I'd like to add my vote for this feature. CM9 now supports AVRCP 1.3. I don't even have a stock music player to fall back on.
  4. I have had this problem on an ICS ROM. Fixed by editing the folders to scan. On mine, the external card shows up 3 times (a consequence of the file system, not Poweramp). I had to remove the check next to two of them. Then rescan.
  5. Had too many problems on 2.1, but I am trying Poweramp again after the recent Samsung/T-Mobile upgrade of my Vibrant to Froyo. The problem I have now is that I queue up music and start playing, but the music stops after a few minutes (5 to 10 maybe). I have to press the Play button to start it up again. It doesn't appear on the surface to be a problem restarting after a notification, since it will automatically pause and restart when email notification fires. This happens pretty consistently, although the exact amount of time before a stop seems to vary.
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