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  1. Almost 3 years (!) ago you asked me to send the details of my DAP, so that HiRes output could be facilitated on the Pioneer XDP-100R that I have.

    I have waited for the arrival of Version 3 of your software. I had expected it would finally make it possible.

    But no.

    I still get the message FAILED: Hi-Res OUTPUT. Every single time I start Poweramp. I am using build 816.

    Meanwhile I downloaded USB Audio Player PRO. While it lacks many elements of Poweramp, it does provide HiRes output for my DAP. The same goes for the app that came with the DAP. But sofar I prefer using Poweramp.

    May I ask you again if you can make HiRes output work on the Pioneer XDP-100R?


    1. Bracket


      Should I post some place else in order to get a reply?

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