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  1. Most probably everyone in this forum will kill andre and drink his blood if max doesn't bring the update in 6 days. Poor Andre. He has been suffering for a long time now. One thing that i have learnt from this forum is to drop all expectations about ETA. Cheers max for Poweramp. And andre for support.
  2. The visualization starts immediately on playing a song. Pls include preset time limits to adjust delay.
  3. Pls re-enable the option to auto hide all the buttons around the album art.
  4. The downloaded album art are not available when they are send or copied elsewhere. Pls include this feature.
  5. I also had the same issue. I played the music while going to sleep. When i woke up the folder which I played ( sorted in title name ) which initially had 200 songs became 36. When I checked in file explorer, they have been actually deleted. All songs after the alphabet C were missing. I had experienced this same issue several times for the past 2 years. I thought it was an issue with the SD card. But it also happened on my brand new one. So, I figured out that poweramp had been deleting my songs all this time. Previously I tried checking for errors and formatting , but it happened again. My S
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