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  1. I had the same issue with my s9 , the only version that brings the same quality (higher volume,no distorsion,good soundstage) like oreo ,whas the build 820. I have Hi-Res activated with DVC,although only plays at 48hz Please,try that version
  2. I haven't done anything special ,maybe Its the stock rom that i am using
  3. Now i have good sound on Poweramp like befeore even with DVC activated ,the only weird thing is that if i choose 192khz It gets back to 48khz .
  4. Hi,i am tired of writting posts abouth this issue. Hi-Res is broken with this update and It seems to happen on all Samsung devices with Pie. I tried everything on my phone (S9 with exynos) ,its full stock not even rooted.
  5. i don't know why you keep saying that Hi-res works on the s9 Pie update,there are several people with the same issue who have post it and for a few weeks (several times myself).
  6. Are you working on fixing hi-res on the S9 Pie update?,because i have wrote many times but i got no unswerd
  7. Please,Fix hi-res on the S9 official Pie firm.
  8. You are on a Pie Beta, you should try upgrading to the official Pie rom thats when Poweramp doesnt detect Samsung UHQA Also,i never installed a custom rom.
  9. Nope,i updated to pie and theres no option to activate Hi res. I tried reinstalling the app but same issue. (I have exynos)
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