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  1. Over a year later, and I still can't use Bluetooth media controls. They do work with Fiio's music player app and YouTube, so I can only presume it's a Poweramp issue. I've searched around and haven't seen any solution for users with this issue, though I presume not all users are experiencing it. There's no solution I'm not aware of, amiright?
  2. I hope that's a rhetorical question at this point, since this thread shows they're plenty of reasons why one would want to. For me personally its invaluable to categorize tracks so I know what to do with them when I get to my PC where I can actually manage them. I was already looking for a replacement app if the short time I thought the 5 stars are off. Trying to think one knows best about what the user wants and is going to do with the software is way too Apple a style of thinking, whereas the versatility of Poweramp is decidedly more Windows as far as allowing the user to configure to his own galore. In any case I'm glad it came back and I'm quite satisfied with Poweramp as it stands. It's not perfect but it certainly is great.
  3. Just as a reference point for others, I use 'Stars' the same way, albeit a bit more elaborately: 1 Star - Delete this track from my library. 2 Star - The name is wrong correct it. 3 Star - For new tracks which I haven't "processed" yet, it means it doesn't go in any special playlist. 4 Star - For new tracks which I haven't "processed" yet, this means that once I reach my PC, I should add it to some playlist or modify it in some way. 5 Star - Life-changing tracks. Since I use MediaMonkey to manage my library, and there's no good way to sync ratings or edits from my phone, I have to do it manually using this method. But hey, it works for me.
  4. More issues... Why don't '1 star' tracks appear in 'Top Rated' any more? Any track with a star rating used to appear there (organized from highest to lowest), and that was super convenient for me. Now how is the end user supposed to find tracks to which they've assigned a low star value? Or is there any way to auto-generate a playlist with any tracks with a star rating different from 'not any'?
  5. Is there any option to see the full title of a track in the new v3? Currently long titles are fully hidden (unless I go into the Info/tags section). This is a big issue for me. Hopefully there's some way to fit longer titles, or have them rotate, or whatever. All in all, v3 has created way more problems for me then it has solved as of yet. The widget doesn't work and I suspect that there's some wierd issue with 'shuffle', too. Oh well. Hopefully the bugs get worked out.
  6. Thanks for giving the option for either "thumbs up" or "5-star", though I hope '5-Star' becomes the default. I was real pissed with v3 until I found I could return to star ratings. However, is there any way to show the ratings overlaid over the tracks when browsing tracks inside a playlist? Like it was before. I use that feature extensively, and normally I rate evey track inside certain playlists. Without seeing the stars in the playlist list, I can't tell which tracks are rated and which are not. It's killing me right now. Hopefully there's at least an option to make it look like it was before. I wouldn't mind half-star ratings in principle, but I don't know how practical that is in practice on a small phone display. Full star ratings can be hard enough to click on. I suspect only a minority would require the half-stars compared to those who would find it a hassle. In any case, I really, really hope the "visible star in list" issue gets resolved soon!
  7. Another request for this feature. I use MediaMonkey on PC and I want the option to sync ratings, which as of right now isn't possible. It's killing me, and not only me. It's been requested for years. Could someone please at least explain why this can't be done? I'm tired of waiting after so long honestly, and it might push me towards the Mediamonkey app.
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