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  1. Google License validation can occur any time within the first 24-48 hours from purchase Thanks for replying right back How was I able to purchase the product and get the two files in the 1st place - wasn't that a Google License validation when I bought it? Didn't you do it then? Why go thru a 2nd re-verify purchase 24-48 hours after it is made? if the 1st was successful, why again.? So Poweramp will never need a internet connection to run? if so - that is good. is there a sliding bar anywhere that tells you how far into the file you are? - so we can move the slider b
  2. I just purchased Powersamp from Google Play yesterday for my Galaxy S6 and it ran fine. Today, I was on a plane from Boston to LA (6 1/2 hr flight) and was expecting to use it all the way. I started it before we took off and somewhere over Kansas - I exited the program and put my phone into airplane mode - NO internet connection. When I restarted Poweramp - it gave me a message that it couldn't get to Google Play to verify my license - and locked me out. So this great program that I purchased was dead to me. I couldn't get past that message and, obviously, couldn't send an email from
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