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  1. Hello again, Sorry about my previous post, you're right, the data I posted was wrong, but the battery really took a hit before recharge. However, I encountered this morning a case where Poweramp bugged out or something and no audio were played for a moment, the progress bar wasn't moving at all on the main screen, the visualization rendering was messed up (as if all frequencies were at 100% or something). Skipping song or Play/Pause/Stop did nothing and I had to force kill PA to make it work again. The same thing happened the day on my previous post, but I thought I just paused the song and didn't checked if it was related or not. I managed to reproduce this bug just by playing/skipping many tracks on a playlist but I'm not sure on what triggered it (it's not a track in particular). When the bug occurred, the phone was getting a bit hot even with the screen off (not close to burning myself with though) and the battery lost 4-5% within two minutes, with mobile data/wifi OFF and no signifient background app running. Poweramp was not showing as the most hungry app either. Under "normal" usage thought, the battery usage is okay. All of this to say that I'm probably not affected by the same kind of battery drain as those guys, so disregard what I said earlier. Have a nice day
  2. Hello, Adding my case if battery drain from Poweramp since a few days after an update. I have a Oneplus One running on Android 8.1/ CarbonROM. I'm listening to music with a wired headset, screen off, Chromecast option disabled in the settings. The ROM isn't at fault since I've been using it for a long time. Also sometimes the headset physical buttons aren't working properly and I have to wake the device and go into the Poweramp screen for controls to work again. Not sure if it's related to the issue, and not sure either if Oreo's battery optimizations are at fault. Here's a screen of the app's battery drain for about 20 minutes of usage
  3. Okay somehow, after an update of the Google music player, I don't have any issue anymore. I don't get how can a player I rarely use affect Poweramp's volume tho.
  4. Hello, Since the last build, the volume buttons are acting weirdly. When the phone is not idle, changing volume takes up to one second before taking effect (e.g. switching from 0% volume to the first step takes some time to Poweramp to actually change the music volume, even using the in-app controls). I tried tweaking the volume steps from 30 steps to the original number, and other options but it does nothing. Other music players and games don't have this issue. When the phone is idle (black screen), pressing volume buttons doesn't change the volume, but longpress also doesn't skip/replay the current track. It's kinda annoying. I tried on the music player from Google and it didn't have this issue. I'm using an OnePlus One under stock CM ROM (12.1.1). And as I said, the controls were working perfectly under the previous v3 build. I didn't see any other post with this issue, so I tried to reinstall the app but nothing changed.
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