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  1. New information update. 1. it happens only when Output set to OpenSL ES Output AND Direct Volume Control is On 2. it happens even with all other apps closed 3. it may or may not happen even with Output set to OpenSL ES Output if phone screen is Off 4. it will happen 100% of times when Output set to OpenSL ES Output AND phone screen is On, lockscreen or player UI, no matter what. 5. Restore Defaults everywhere doesn't resolve the issue 6. maybe it doesn't happen with Output set to OpenSL ES Output and music playing through phone speaker, i can't say for sure becaus
  2. That's just how your ROM handles it. Mine handles it in very ugly way.
  3. Or it's your ROM lock screen album art handling?
  4. How did you make it look like that? I mean FULL screen album art and small controls. mine looks like that and i don't like it at all.
  5. I did close all other apps and there was no notifications, and it still happen, and maybe i did turn off notification volume dip too. Will check every option on list off and on when it happens next time.
  6. Please make a fast and easy, 1 tap access to lyrics. Make a button. If you don't want more buttons on the interface you can make this button to be enabled in options. But better of all you just copy how lyrics show works in Apple iPod/phone, by tapping on cover art lyrics appear on transparent black layer. You can make this switchable on and off in options too, but this may be more useful than long press to search for cover art actually. Also lyrics must not vanish away if i want to switch track or do something else like they do now. I like the direction which Po
  7. Sound volume fluctuation from low to normal at random, volume just dips down for a 1-3 seconds and goes back, it repeats in 1-5 seconds again. It have something to do with Direct Volume Control, because when i disable it everything becomes normal again and never bugs out while it off. Switching off and on every other option in audio settings or equaliser/effects doesn't help. It's very annoying, please do something with it. Phone - Meizu MX4 on stock firmware Flyme OS, Android version 5.1
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