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  1. Hi there, Being new to the Android family, I instantly fell in love with Poweramp as it fulfilled all my music needs. Recently I was tinkering in the settings and saw the option for testing of the new version. I enrolled and downloaded the alpha 3 version. Here are some of the bugs I've found. 1. The Poweramp lock screen doesn't work at all. 2. The album art sometimes goes missing in the notification area 3. DVC doesn't seem to be working in the Hi-Res output. Also the audio is crackling a bit. Reducing the sampling rate doesn't work. No crackling issue with Hi-Res output
  2. Being a new member of the android community, I was browsing for good audio players which supported gapless playback and flac support. Poweramp was featured on top 3 of almost forums I consulted. I was skeptic about paying for an app, but after using it Poweramp became an instant favorite! I'm stuck with iTunes for my desktop as it is the only player which provides seamless gapless playback (that I know of... & alas, it doesn't support flac). It would be great if you guys come up with a desktop version of Poweramp.
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