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  1. Hi. I'm currently using 893 (believe me - it was sooo hard to switch from brilliant 704 alpha) and I've got a question - is it possible to make the album art smaller? As it was in 70x alpha versions? Because during night listenings big white covers just make me mad! And in older alpha versions I was able to resize them to i.e. 75% or 50%.
    Also possibility of blocking swipe left/right to change song would be nice because few times I changed it by mistake (especially when I wanted to swipe the left/right sidemenu as in 70x alphas  ).

    Otherwise it's really nice Max that you are still developing this software for all the users who paid you so so much time ago. That's just brilliant.


    PS. oh, and adding A-B repeat finally would be great! It's a perfect tool for making comparisions between different headphones.

  2. @andrewilley It would be cool to know if it's working. If I remember correctly 703 or 704 build was the one when Hi-Res was enabled for Galaxy S7 Exynos with Cirrus DAC.

    I know there will be no support for them - I'm fine with it (but still - I prefer the early alphas black UI rather than newer ones). Only thing I'd like to know is if the new versions of PA are able to play thorugh DAC (Hi-Res) with DVC on 8.0 Oreo and Galaxy S7 :) because that's the condition for me to upgrade to 8.0 and buy Earstudio ES100 (because it looses quality without LDAC and LDAC is only available in Android 8.0 on S7).
    If you could get this info for me it would be really lovely! :)  

  3. 6 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    As I said, that may depend on whether it is actually working on Android 7 in the first place. I would expect 7 and 8 to give the same results though, but Max may be able to throw some more light on your specific example.


    I'd love to know because lack of working DVC is a showstopper for me. Moreover I'd like Poweramp to be playing straight through DAC as it is in Hi-Res Output mode (as far as I remember) without any Andorid stuff interfering and I've got some 24bit/96kHz recordings that I'd like to use. If you could ask Max about that it would be great!

  4. 13 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    Or at least it says that's what it is doing. Bear in mind that the early alpha versions of PA v3 didn't always correctly validate high-res and DVC, and they could allow enabling high-res internally even if the output ended up being 48kHz anyway. Not sure if that's the case for you, but it might be. I seem to recall it can be checked by looking at the live audio path in ADB on a computer.


    Thanks for fast answer Andre but the question is will Hi-Res+DVC combo work on S7 with installed Android 8.0 Oreo? Is it possible for you to check it somehow or ask Max to check it? I'd be grateful :) 

  5. Hi,
    I've got a question maybe to @andrewilley or anyone who knows the history of development of Poweramp.
    Thing is I've got Samsung Galaxy S7 Exynos (I love it really for many reasons and don't want to change it) with Cirrus Logic DAC and Android 7.0. I'm using Poweramp Alpha 704 because it's the only version of Poweramp in which I can use Hi-Res Output and Direct Volume Control simultaneously. I installed many newer versions of PA on my Android 7 (didn't try the latest ones) but on each and every DVC only works with OpenSL output - in Hi-Res Output DVC it didn't work and volume was quieter by 10~20%.

    Now second thing is I'd like to upgrade to Android 8.0 (I've got this option for year or two) because S7 with Oreo gets Sony LDAC codec (and I'm thinking about buying Earstudio ES100 bluetooth DAC/AMP which uses LDAC)... but I still would like to listen straight from phone's headphone jack.

    And now, the final question is: does newest version of Poweramp allow use of Hi-Res Output and DVC simultaneously on Android 8.0 on Galaxy S7???
    Because I'd like to have max power output on headphone jack with use of Hi-Res Output.

  6. 1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

    As I said earlier, generally turning DVC off does tend to be a fair be quieter. It can be a bit of a trade-off. I'm sure @maxmp can explain why in more technical detail, but my guess would be that when PA hands off more audio-processing control to the official firmware it needs to leave more safety headroom to avoid possible distortion.

    The real question is does this make the maximum available level too low for your ears though? I very rarely set my volume levels anywhere close to maximum, apart from occasionally on lower level spoken-word material when I'm walking out near traffic. You could also use the ReplayGain boost setting, and the EQ preamp gain, to bring the levels back up - but I would be wary of overdoing that just so you can say "it goes up to 11" in case you end up introducing clipping.



    Well, when I'm turning DVC ON it's quieter - to be precise - in Hi-Res output setup I turn "No DVC" option to ON (so that DVC is switched OFF) and it's louder and if I turn it "No DVC" to OFF it's getting quieter.
    BUT it's still 20% quieter than OPENSL with DVC ON ("No DVC" setting OFF).

    So the conclusion: when using PA704 (Hi-Res+DVC ON) I was using ~42% of volume on my 10 Ohms FLC8s. Now to get similar level I need 60%. The thing is FLC8s are very efficient. My Phonak Audeo (1 BA) with 32 Ohms and especially TDK IE800 (2x DM) with 32Ohms need a lot more firepower.
    And there is an additional thing of battery drainage...

    2 hours ago, blaubär said:

    1. Hi-Res, DVC on : normal

    2. Hi-Res, DVC off : more silent

    3. Hi-Res, DVC off, No Headroom Gain : between the above two

    4. OpenSL, DVC on : normal

    So it basically does what it's supposed to do. Especially there is no difference between High-Res and OpenSl.

    Ever thought about updating to Oreo ?

    Well, strange. Maybe it's because of me using Android 7 not 8... As far as I know Oreo has problems with PA704 and to be honest I prefer PA704 to v3 823. They sound actually the same, there are no features I'd like to get (A/B repeat, more bands on EQ or possibility to set length of RWD/FF seek) and I find PA704 interface just better and simpler. Plus it's way better to use at night as you can set it to be almost all-black/dark in PA704.

  7. Seriously... It's so so old topic... check Head-Fi for that, there's a ton of info about the matter. It's just a waste of space.

    The main difference is that sometimes different versions have different masterings of recordings (ie. standard CD vs SACD).

  8. 1 hour ago, blaubär said:

    I'm using Samsung S7 Exynos SM-G930F with Android Oreo 8.0.0 and Poweramp Build 823, wired headphones, High-Res with DVC on, and the sound and volume are OK. I've got a wide choice for the sampling rate.


    Then please try OpenSL+DVC ON and compare it to Hi-Res+DVC ON (you can also try with DVC OFF - should be louder than with ON) and 'no headroom gain' OFF.

    There's a huge difference in volume level for me.

  9. 2 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    704 may well have not been outputting in high res at all, there was a lot less error detection in the early code and while PA might have been processing in high-res, the phone could have been downsampling back to 48k in the output stages. More recent versions control the output more correctly. And yes, turning DVC off (which is needed if the native audio hardware doesn't play well with PA) is usually quieter. 


    Hi Andre,

    In terms of volume loudness OpenSL+DVC ON is the loudest one. Hi-Res with DVC OFF is 2nd loudest (but on 60% vol it's like OpenSL with ~40% vol) and Hi-Res with DVC ON is by far the quietest. So it's quite strange to me. Should it be like that??

    Honestly I didn't have any problems with PA704 - it always was in what mode I wanted. Mostly I'm using 320 CBR mp3s and even with quite nice earphones (FLC8s - 2BA+1DM) using 192/24 mode doesn't do me any favour (IMO the difference between 320cbr and 192/24 flac is just ommitable) - what is more interesting to me is playing straight through DAC without any Android OS interference. I prefer to get all I can out of my hardware because it makes bigger difference than any so called HQ recordings.

    Btw. I'm using Android 7 if it changes anything.

  10. Hi lads, I tried again to switch from alpha 704 to (this time) 823... and when I'm using hi-res audio output on my S7 Exynos (with Cirrus DAC) volume is way quieter than with opensl es output - and with DVC ON in output settings it's even quieter...

    So anyone could advise me? On 704 sound was way louder with Hi-Res ON...

    And Open SL output somehow sounds with worse dynamics of the sound than Hi-Res... :/ (despite being louder thanks to working DVC...)

  11. Hi guys, I've got one question...

    Actually is there any difference to aplha 704 in terms of sound? I've been using S7 Galaxy Exynos (Cirrus Logic DAC, android 7.0) and TBH I gave a beta with new UI a go... and I prefer by far the UI from alpha.

    Is there any difference is SQ (through DAC or any changes to EQ?) or the A-B repeat or changing the FFW/RWD seek lenght options have been added?

    Or the UI is the main difference?

  12. First of all I have to say that I really appreciate all the work the dev made.

    But the new userinterface... I just installed the newest beta over my alpha 704 and I mean... I was just like "WTF is going on???" The sorting by folders is just total mess - everything on one screen. I've got everything sorted by folders and it's miles off from clarity of the previous version. It was actually so bad that I reverted instantly to the 704 alpha.

    On the other hand I had a feeling that my FLC8s sound better on my Galaxy S7 with the beta but I didn't do any testing as the UI is just no-go for me ATM.

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