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  1. Wait for the player to index and / reboot.. I saw the same .. I was impatient as it was indexing 120gb worth of files ... once done, worked awesome
  2. 100% agree .. bluetooth connectivity is hands down one of the best over most other apps.. the sound inside and out of my car on headphones etc is awesome..
  3. Awesome, glad to see it has not been abandoned.. much appreciated Max! At first it would not work on my s8+, for like a minute .. all I did was force stop the app, clear the cache and restarted PA and works perfectly..
  4. Update to 703.. album art only shows when advancing forward / reverse.. when the device locks and is unlocked the album art that was once displayed is gone until advancing forward or going back a track.. regardless of file extension. Full dump of cache, full rescan .. still same experience. Downloading works again.. Yay!
  5. I am seeing a black box where the album art should be.. now occasionally when advancing track or going back the album art would appear.. as long as an album was playing, as in not randomized, the art remains but randomized it is a black box regardless of extension, HD or otherwise .. Poweramp version: alpha-build-702 Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Chip name: exynos8890 Platform: exynos5 Total RAM: 3.5 GB Max CPU frequency: 2600 MHz Sound chip: Lucky CS47L91 Sound GPU: ARM Mali-T880 Screen: 5.1" (1440x2560)
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