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  1. 8 hours ago, johmic said:

    I have seen many people asking but i think has not been yet clarified. As an owner of Lg V10 i would like to know if its possible for the Ess Dac Sabre to be utilized because as i can understand the hi res support refers only to the internal 24bit Snapdragon dac.... Thanks in advance....

    Agreed, Johmic.  I am also itching for an answer about this.  I have even noticed that Tidal Hi-Fi sounds different, dare-I-say better, when comparing identical tracks (no post-processing applied, of course).  The question is quite simple: in the V10, is Poweramp Alpha using the ESS Sabre to upsample, or is it using Snapdragon circuitry ?  If not using the ESS Sabre, are there plans to add support in the future (next Alpha, Beta, Official Release) ?  It's a bit of a drag to hear Tidal sound better, and not at least know why ...

    Johmic, I have also posed the question here, as well as e-mailed Max, directly: are there plans to add the option for native resolution playback of files, opposed to strict upsampling.  I like the idea of upsampling as an option, but not at the expense of native resolution playback.  Especially in a library that contains different albums/songs with varied bitrates, if one is not a fan of upsampling, it's a drag to constantly change the options. But even if not, it may be safe to assume that native resolution playback would consume less power than strict upsampling --- making the option even more important.

    I haven't heard a reply here, nor at my inbox, from Max --- going on a week+ ... Either way, I appreciate the opportunity to voice my concerns, and continue to make Poweramp better, going forward.  And as an aside, I am suspicious that Tidal uses some kind of 'in-house' EQ or crossfeed processing in their track encoding --- or possibly it's the merits of MQA ?

  2. Yes, to piggyback-off Psikey. on a related note, will Poweramp (next alpha, beta, or official build) ever support native resolution playback for files up to 24/192 ?  I noticed that in high-res mode, everything is upsampled to 192k, and while this is appreciated for 192k files, I'm not sure it's preferable to native playback of 96, 48, and 44.1 files.  Especially if upsampling consumes more power, enabling native resolution playback in-sync with the hardware capabilities would be great. 


    I understand there is a user-access-able setting to change the sample rate in-menu; however, with a library containing various sample rates, changing the setting every time, to match the album/song is cumbersome.  Additionally, are there any pros/cons to upsampling 44.1, 48, etc. ---  to 192 ?  If so, maybe native sampling vs. upsampling can be added as a toggled option in the future ?  Thanks, Max & Andre.

  3. Thanks, Andre.  The in-folder is preferred.  I should add that this wasn't an issue until a few days ago.  Prior to a few days ago, ALL the artwork showed up beautifully in list/grid view, even if it was sometimes incorrect in the player (could usually be reset by skipping back-an-album, and back forward).  However, I've since added 6 new albums (bringing the total from 310 to 316), and now this happens.  Nothing else was changed.  Thanks for sparking this detail in my memory, Andre, that may be the most important detail.  Is there a memory limit, or something, involved with Album Art ?  Should I consider rebuilding the cache ?  What I'm hoping is that 703 will solve the bug, haha, but any advice is appreciated.  Thanks.

  4. Hope to get this in before 703 is released in the coming hours --- Currently using Alpha-Build-702 (full version) with an LG V10.  I have 316 albums (not all full), with most of the artwork in-folder as "Cover.jpg".  About 1/3 of the artwork has been downloaded through the program via Poweramp, as they're just single songs.  For some reason, only about 2/5 of the artwork loads in list view AND grid view.  When in-player, the artwork displays, even if not always properly (wrong pic from previously-played album), but in list view or grid view, a large section is blank, and it takes away from the aesthetic of recognizing albums by-sight.  I know my phone has enough RAM to handle the simple pictures.  Is there any way to increase the memory allowed to display album art in list/grid view, for 703, or at least the next official release ?  Or maybe there's a setting that would eliminate the issue; also, would deleting/rebuilding the artwork cache fix the issue ? --- didn't want to bother without knowing why this happens, or if it would help.  Longtime user, love the app --- Thanks, Max.

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