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  1. My device information : Redmi 3S Prime Android 6.0.1 Issue : 1. Can't save custom equalizer 2. If song play and use other app.. And after sometime if I want to open Poweramp, I tap from notification where we get Poweramp notification.. But when I tap there, app is stop instead of open Poweramp app. 3. Can't export Poweramp settings. Please check all this. And I would like if you have Telegram group for bug.
  2. I Like Poweramp beta, I tell you about beta help full features for me and observed improvement, GOOD: reverb,equ etc for me Improvement: --> When I select export setting, there is not shown when backup is successful. --> Poweramp spend more space for Images and animation when played song, but I want more space in skipping song from going any duration of played song.
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