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  1. Everything is in the title, what's wrong with the dev ? I'm pretty upset not to see a UI overall. When you look at other players, Poweramp is ridiculously bad. I just keep kit for the gapless playback, everything else is now trash.
  2. There are tons of possibilites when talking about UI and ergonomics, the concept above is really good, and for I personnaly like the UI of the preloaded Samsung Player, it's incredibly simple and efficient ! Sadly I have to stick with Poweramp that has a better audio output on the store (soundstaging is the best, don't know the dev(s) secret to achieve that lol). I wish the dev(s) would give us some feedback about an hypothetical UI revamp, because it really bothers me to have to suffer those terrible ergonomics everytime I have to access an album or an artist Once again, you cannot be the best everywhere, audio is on top, now focus on ergonomics, don't forget most people go to the nicest looking and simplest software.
  3. Full revamp of the UI is top priority. Seriously, it's a freaking mess, can you please create only one menu ?
  4. I have one and only gripe with Poweramp, and I'm sure I'm not the only one : the UI and the global egonomic of the player. Let's be honest, it's over complicated and overloaded. What a surprise on this alpha to see a swipe menu on left, alleluja I said ! But I was even more suprise (and cried a little) to see they kept the bottom and top menu too ! As if it was not already overloaded and over complicated with menus, submenus and icons everywhere, now we have a side bar we can't even customise and reorganise. Seriously, what's the point ? Is this a joke ? I want one and only one menu, let us hide what I don't need. I still love the load of options but onece again, a cleaner UI could be a solution to lot of rejecting this app that, from a casual user, is a white elephant, unwieldy and unnecessary complicated. What totally boggles me is that there are tons of players with great UI, great ergonomics on the store, why not simply taking exemple from them ? It's not a shame, you can't be good everywhere ! So please, clean or revamp this bloated UI, it's a mess, really.
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