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  1. Hi! Thanks for the reply. Now that I think would be a little bit strange having two separate EQs for each channel but, could be useful as well. Now that you mention it, I would like a lot a 20-band EQ instead of a Parametric but it's just personal taste. Thank you, have a nice day
  2. I don't know if anyone have already thought about this but I found something that's really useful for me. I believe that I am not the only one who listen different ways for left than the right ear. Specially when the headphones are made different. On Samsung Galaxy there's a feature named Adapt Sound. It plays a lot of beeps with different frequencies for each ear. Then it match them and set a customized spectrum for each channel (left and right). If it's possible, that would be a great feature for many people like me
  3. Ok, for anyone that had an Idol 3, if Poweramp had cuts and skips, go to the developer options and change to NuPlayer instead of Awesome Player. Alpha version runs well for now. I had no problems with the new issues
  4. I've noted that on Alcatel Idol 3 6039A Poweramp 2.* has skips, lags and cuts, mainly when the screen is locked. But with the alpha version, with the Resampler on SoX, the Dither on Triangular and OpenSL ES Output activated, everything runs Ok. For now, I had no cuts and skips
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