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  1. Do you plan to look more into usb dac audios sampling in the future ? I'd like to see some improvement to match usb dac audio player ability to play high res without any resampling
  2. how do you check what bitrate the file is actually playing at?powerwamp displays the original file bitrate and samples but i want to know what the internal DAC is actually outputing
  3. i use both (when my DAC battery dies i switch to the internal DAC) hence my question. thanks for confirming that 24bit is handled along with 48khz. Now i have another question just to make sure i'm doing this correctly. to use the usb dac ( supports up to 32 bit and 384 khz on PCM) i select USB DAC under AudioTrack output then i select wired/bluettoth under high res output and lastly Speaker is active under es output. is this how its should be? because when listening through the USB DAC and getting a phone call the ringtone is massively dissorted on the speaker i have to unplug the DAC.
  4. im using the galaxy s7 exynos variant with OPPO HA 2 DAC and playing DSD files, is the displayed 44,1khz the real sample or the resampled bitrate, also do you know if the exynos s7 supports 32bit or just 16bit?
  5. where? there are many dvc settings?is it on main audio tab or the one under audiotrack output or opsnsl output??
  6. hello, i have been using the pro version for a long time but never quite got the most out of it. now i just got a OPPO HA2 usb DAC for my S7 Edge and since now the usb dac suppport is added i plugged it in and it worked howver i have very bad distortion when i get a call and the dac is connected. The call alert is so bad its like heavy rain. How do i fix that?there are many settings i'm just lost here
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