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  1. BlackBerry Motion (BBD100-2) with Android 8.1 running Poweramp alpha 709. The volume with a wired headset is much lower than the OpenSL ES Output though.
  2. Hi! Poweramp is great, and I'd like to set it as the default music provider that the Google Assistant uses when I say "Ok Google, play Yanni". Unfortunately, Poweramp doesn't appear in the list of possible music providers in Google Assistant's settings pages, as outlined here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47962336/define-my-app-as-google-assistants-default-music-service Can Poweramp get added to this mysterious list? Thanks! -Paul
  3. Works great on my BlackBerry PRIV running Android 6.0.1. I had to set the visualization delay to 150ms to get the vis to match the audio. I left all of the other settings at their defaults. -Paul
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