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  1. kostas

    support Samsung's ultra powersave

    Well however I'm a beta tester and I would like to test it for you and I would be glad to report issues and help you with that.
  2. kostas

    support Samsung's ultra powersave

    even if you allow background data even on powersave?
  3. Could you support ultra power save on Samsung devices? (android 9.0 s9+) (you need to select apps that u want to use in ultra powersave and Poweramp is not listed)
  4. kostas

    Music Speed Up features?

    Yes please that would be perfect!
  5. It would be useful to have a ftp client mode and maybe other network methods to load songs or music from an ftp server (internal network connections) from other devices like pcs or other phones with temporary all existing features of Poweramp or permanently if possible.
  6. kostas

    Album art

    It's a bit weird XD Why should it do that anyways ok thank you for the support.
  7. kostas

    Album art

    CM 12.1 android 5.1.1 unofficial rom by Rox s3 neo it happens on some images not all usually the 19:3 if a pic is 4:3 it's fine also if there no picture the Poweramp logo seems with that way too o.o
  8. kostas

    USB OTG Support on Android 6.0.1?

    Samsung tab s2 reads sd card and has otg support I can confirm that I own this tablet
  9. kostas

    Album art

    That happens to me too on some album pics and also to the Poweramp widget
  10. Same problem here :x (samsung galaxy s3 neo)