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  1. Dear developers, please add track skipping (next/previous rewinding) feature through volume rocker long pressing in v3 build 703/704.
  2. Dear developers, after updating from android 6.01 to 7.0 hi-res option has gone. Samsung s7 edge exynos version on Nougat 7.0 stock rom. Update: sorry that was my bad , I didn't check build version wich was 703 instead of 704. Now works fine.
  3. Yes I know what hires its quality thing, but if activated its somehow turned volume up. My both headphones are ( sennheiser momentum 2 AEBT & Sony mdr10-rbt) supporting aptx codec and have very good audio quality. what about Samsung the previous flagships have aptx and I guess s7 will too. IMHO Neutron music player sounds way better with wire , but in UI features and convenience cannot even compared with Poweramp, and I hope what my favourite player in final version will sound better.
  4. Hi there, I just wanna know does s7 edge ( exynos version ) support hires? And after installing new v3 version volume level still pretty low , notably via bluetooth. Hires activated.
  5. Dear developer, I had several problems on new device 1. Sometimes doesn't download album art picture even after update build586 2. It sounds bad and volume level is very low ( via bluetooth and pluged in ) wich hasn't this problem on other players or on my old Oneplus One with Poweramp . I didn't install any third party equalizers or change settings . Couple times I reinstall with clearing cash but it doesn't help. Samsung s7 edge (exynos version) , build 586
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