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  1. 59 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    Greater range of volume control is already supported in the alpha-test builds of Poweramp v3 (as is high resolution output if your device DAC supports it). Give it a try (available from the Downloads tab at the top of the page).


    wow it didn't work with default setting, but once I just tried hi-res output than it Started to support volume control like a magic. This app haven't used ESS DAC in this phone until now? I believed It was using it. What a ridiculous happening!

    Thank you I finally got the micro volume control. I'm sure i can enjoy with this from now on.

  2. 350x700px-LL-70587102_Capture_2015-11-28-22-23-44.png

    In Ordinary Phones does support Only 15 stage volume control while Hi-fi mode of v10 support micro volume control of 75 stages.

    But Poweramp player doesn't support it.

    For example, When the volume is 0~4 The player doesn't make any sound.

    it tend to regard 0~4 as Normal Volume 0 and 5~9 as Normal Volume 1, ...

    I’m Sure I can't use this player without support of the micro volume control.

    I request you the function for those v10 users including me.

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