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  1. UAPP follows audio file original sampling rate which means it doesn't convert 44.1khz to 48khz. Otherwise it would be called SRC. The whole point of choosing the likes of Neutron and UAPP is they do not trigger SRC even when playing music through regular SOC embedded codecs like Snapdragon 820's WCD9335.
  2. Hi, weirdly enough, I've never encountered any cue parsing, cue timing problems from Neutron since day one I've bought it several years ago. It runs smoothly on 32bit Android 5.0.2 Allwinner A80T SOC powered tablet and the current 64bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 powered Mi 6, Mi MIX 2 and low-end Snapdragon 625 Redmi Note 4X, and on other 64bit Mediatek MT6752, MT8176, P10, X30 SOC Android 6.0 and above devices. Audio formats include 16bit 44.1khz 320kbps mp3s from online vendors like Play Store, Beatport, Junodownload. And mostly, hundreds of 16bit 44.1khz 1.4Mbps FLACs with cues converted from my physical CD collections. As well as tons of decade old live trance set-rips, 16bit 192kbps, 320kbps mp3s with cues, and lossy 16bit 320kbps live record in m4a format directly from DJ decks. Neutron also handles Hi-res FLACs in 24bit 48khz, 24bit 96khz, 24bit 192khz with cues flawlessly. I did notice similar unexpected sound cuts on track transitioning as you have described - not on Neutron but rather on UAPP during its v3.6.x era. I had to keep the device screen light on to avoid it. I was suspecting it might be something to do with power manangement related issue. In recent v3.8.0 the problem is gone.
  3. I have been toying with almost all the mainstream music apps on the Play Store market and my current daily choice is Neutron. I need stable gapless playback, cue sheet support and the ability to bypass android 44.1khz to 48khz SRC malfuction. Both Netron and UAPP fulfill all my requirements while Neutron provides slightly better sound qualities and vastly superior media scan speed compared to UAPP. Poweramp alpha 704's experimental Hi-res support and SRC correction feature never work on my Android 7 based MIUI9. Apps like JetAudio, PlayerPro and some others also ultilize Qualcomm's Aqstic to provide Hi-res and SRC correction but lack cue sheet parsing. Their gapless playbacks do occur glitches from time to time and can't compete with the natural, seamless track transitions on Neutron, UAPP or Poweramp either. Onkyo HF and NePlayer can only bypass SRC through extrernal USB DACs, also the lack of cue support is a deal breaker for me. The Chinese developed Hiby claims so much, yet delivers so little. In theory, their in-house built proprietary technology should have bypassed SRC, supported Hi-res and gapless. Yet they fail miserably on the latter two fronts on all platforms I've tested on, Qualcomm, Mediatek, Allwinner. And cosmetically, not only their circle shaped progress bar looks weird, but is far less intuitive to use. Back on Poweramp, nowdays I only use it to edit ID tags on music files I purchased and extracted from Google Play store.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Looks like Max is using a snapdragon powered device for testing which still has the signature forced 44.1khz to 48khz resampling rate problem.
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