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  1. My original idea was a "Copy from" button on the album art selection dialog that would let you choose and copy the album art of any existing track from your library. Nevertheless your approach also seems like a solid solution and it also has some added benefits, so it would work too.
  2. I know, that's exactly why I'm suggesting it...
  3. Yeah I thought of that already, just thought it would be more convenient to have it embedded in the app. Doesn't seem like a time consuming thing to add and surely would help a lot.
  4. As in the title. Sometimes Poweramp's album art guessing magic does not succeed and the correct album art does not show up on the manual art "search" menu either. Would be useful if we could just copy the art from an existing track with a proper one. Thanks for reading
  5. Is it possible that the m4a files are corrupted in a way that they make the scanner drunk?
  6. @maxmp Removing the affected directory from the folder scan list removed both the original and duplicated tracks leaving me with the rest of my library (other directories within the card) which is "healthy". @andrewilley This is what confuses me the most. Doing this shows that both tracks are the same file with the exact same metadata, path and such. Funnily enough, changing one's album art also changes the other one..
  7. Already tried that with no luck, even chose the specific directories with the music. Anything else I can provide you to help? Once again, thanks for the support edit: Just found out that the problem is only affecting one of my directories, the one where I store m4a audio files taken from YouTube videos. (Download with NewPipe)
  8. As said in the title. If I recall correctly, it started soon after I reformatted my sdcard to exFAT (where my tracks are stored) to a different filesystem and moved the files back in. After plugging in the newly formatted card I didn't immediately run the full rescan, so my "old" card kept appearing on my library. After figuring that out and doing the full rescan, I saw that my number of tracks increased considerably, only to find that a good amount of my tracks were added twice to my library. I proceeded and done multiple full rescans and reinstalled the app with no luck. The problem isn't happening with other players. My device is a Mi A1. Rooted with lastest magisk and running a custom Android 10 ROM, Evolution X. I should mention that I have a magisk module named ExSDcard Access Enabler which mounts that same sdcard with r/w permissions on /mnt/media_rw. I've used it before without any problem. Poweramp build 860 (860004-ced9bb1)
  9. As said in the title. Similar to the already present Hide Unknown Album label option but for the Artist one. I'm sure there's a considerable amount of users with untagged MP3 tracks and such they downloaded around. It looks kinda silly, specially when the artist's name is right on front of the file name. Maybe not a bad idea to add a "guess artist name from filename" feature either (without touching the actual file, just for cosmetic reasons). I guess if you were to add this a simple pattern match would suffice, no? Thanks in advance.
  10. Sure, the art on the player app itself - https://photos.app.goo.gl/BjKg0VLQcMXEckz02 how it was supposed to or could look like - https://photos.app.goo.gl/5PiJWTw8g2JqfF072 how it looks like - https://photos.app.goo.gl/rKgVfkzvBiFcJflB3 In addition to that, I'd like to add that the art is not being shown on the lockscreen background (I keeped the default notification from the player activated to have it, that's why you can see it on the last screenshot) Thanks!
  11. It would be cool if the color of the notification would change with the art just as it does in most modern music players such as spotify or shuttle. I believe they use the Pallete API.. Suggestions aside, the only problem I found is that non rectangular album art images get uglily stretched.
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