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  1. Halfway through playing a song, Poweramp will randomly just skip to the next song. I have no idea how to replicate it since it seems really random (not really specific audio files, not specific tracks, just randomly skips a track). This morning, I was listening to a song and 30 seconds or a minute into the song, it just moved on to the next song. As of right now, it just did it again. After 30 seconds or so (I think), it just skipped to the next song. Haven't seen any posts about it so far so I'm not sure if it's just unique to me. I should also note that it's not like the songs are being skipped back to back. I'm able to listen to quite some songs before this "issue" happens. Device: Sony Xperia XZ1 Output: Hi-Res Output Android: 9 Poweramp: v3-build-834
  2. Hmm, unfortunately, I do not have experience with the car units. My guess would be the way the app is interacting with the unit, it may be overriding the volume or something. Being that it only happens with Poweramp, it would be safe to assume it could just be a compatibility issue. Has this happened with previous versions?
  3. Can you please describe what you mean by reset? Like, does the volume decrease when you turn off the phone screen, does the volume reset after x minutes? What phone are you using? Not sure if this is related but I do believe that certain countries require volume warnings and certain phone models will follow those laws. For me, I have a Sony Xperia, and I know that it like to randomly turn down the volume because of these volume restriction laws (but a pop up also shows telling me that the volume is too loud). Found this on a Sony forum: Because of an European standard EN called 50332-2 and some of the features for this standard are: The maximum output from the PMP and headphones must not be greater than 100 dB. *The user must be actively warned if the sound pressure level exceeds 85 dB for more than 20 hours per week. On Xperia devices, a pop-up warning will appear on the screen.
  4. Thank you for the reply, I'll make sure to embed some smaller album art to help fix it currently However, I did not mean to bump this thread what-so-ever, but I was wondering if you had any info regarding a "pause while rotating" issue. I didn't mention it since I didn't bother to double check my issue, but for me personally, I've noticed that when power amp starts up fresh, on the first time I rotate my screen from portrait to landscape, the song will just automatically pause. But after resuming, the issue will not occur until again and music will continue to play normally, However, if I stop power amp, wait for it unload from my processes, then restart Poweramp, play a song and rotate the screen, it'll pause again. I don't know, I haven't seen any mentions of this yet, so I'm trying to see if it's an issue on my part or something that nobody has noticed.
  5. Like I said for Mark, are these issues on other music players? Or just Poweramp. Also, are you able to manually choose the song to make it play? Or does it just tell you song is unavailable. I would suggest trying to clear data in Android app settings as well and doing a rescan. If those don't help, I wonder if it's a potential tag issue or a library permission thing.
  6. I'm assuming you are able to play the song, but you have to manually select it in order to play it? Auto play will just give you the message "unable to play song?" So these issues occur with other players? Like your stock music player or another app? If you haven't, have you tried to clear the Poweramp data and rescan? Aka, resetting the app?
  7. Yes, Poweramp will stop playing music once a list ends. To have the music player keep playing music, chose either advance list (if you're playing through albums and specific custom lists) or repeat list (if you're playing through your whole music library.
  8. Sure, I'll attach an example mp3 below. Strange that some songs don't work well but others do. And yeah, I had a feeling that the swipe might not do what I was hoping. I don't know why I thought it used to repeat the list by swiping right. Can't tell if it actually happened in the previous version before the new ui came, maybe because I'm noticing cause my music folder is a lot smaller than it used to be so now I hit the end of a list a lot more commonly, idk. Probably just imagining things. Thanks for the help. Braven_-_It's_gonna_be_alright_feat._Shully[1].mp3
  9. Thanks for the reply. 1. So, it's not so much moving on to the next list that's giving me issues. It's replaying a list. Unless if I am misunderstanding what "Repeat List" does, the option to repeat a list doesn't seem to work when you swipe. I tried the "wide" swipe but it either moves on to the next list/ album (which I'm assuming is its intended function) or displays no next list. But, say I have 10 songs, and song 9 finishes, and song 10 starts. If I don't really want to listen to song 10 and I just want to repeat my library, swiping right will not bring me back to song 1, and the only way to get back to song one is to back out, go to libraries, and reselect my list, or swipe left 10 times (which is a bit pointless if your list has 100s of songs). Again, while it is true that I can either just deal with it and listen to song 10 or use physical buttons, but as I have mentioned above, having all those "pro" buttons just make the app more cluttered than it already is and therefore I would like to stay away from it as much as possible. Unfortunate, but I guess I'll just have to keep waiting for UI improvements or something. I'll post a picture below 2. Just tested it out with a non-embedded song file. It did work so as you said, it's just an album art embedded issue. And since you did point out the issue, I can confirm that songs without an embedded album art do not suffer from this issue.
  10. Idk, it's either a bug or I'm not setting up Poweramp correctly. 1. Repeat list does not work with swiping. Once I reach the end of a list and decide I want to restart my list, swiping to the next track with the album art does not work. Instead, I'm forced to back out and reselect the list. On the other hand, playing a song to the end or using the static "pro" buttons will allow a list to repeat back to the first song. However, I don't like pro buttons due to how cluttered the ui is and at this point, the less stuff on the screen, the better. 2. I swear this was an issue with the previous builds as well, and I can't remember if it was ever addressed. But there is a seeking issue. Sometimes, if you seek to, say 10 seconds, the song will play at 0 seconds, and not 10 seconds. Also, this bug leads to the timer running over time. Where you'll see stuff like 4:13/ 3:57.
  11. Just curious, does it do that when you set the repeat to "advance list" option?
  12. 1. Is it just me, but I noticed that the repeat list does not work. To test this, I have a small music folder, has like 15 songs. And if I keep scrolling through them, even with the repeat on, it will not repeat and therefore, to start it up again, I need to select a new song. 2. For some reason, high res audio is much quieter than just normal opensl output. Like... Volume output on opensl is 60% for the same volume lvl for high res. I don't recall audio being so quiet before. I did reset all audio settings and still have the issues. Some device info: Sony xperia xz1, android 8.0.0. Stock rom, stock kernal, no root yet.
  13. Are you referring to the snapdragon 810? If I'm not mistaken, the OnePlus 2 uses the snapdragon 810, and the 810 does indeed support high res. I do not have the same phone, but I do have a htc m9 (also uses snapdragon 810) and I do have hi res support. I think what the issue may be for you though is that you are using a custom rom and kernel. That can lead to some "compatibility issues" and I would assume that's what's causing you the issue. I had a similar problem where the hi res feature was not compatible with my custom rom and kernel, but somehow, in the previous update, that was fixed (maybe something else was the culprit but idk. hi res worked, then an update came and it wasn't working, and now it is working again regardless of rom and kernal). Your best bet would be to fill out that "hi res support" forum post and hope that maybe it get's updated. Though, in all honesty, I doubt people are really missing out on much as they assume they are when it comes to hi res vs the normal audio playback device (specifically wired capabilities). Even with some of the most top notch headphones and iems, I doubt the difference between them is significant enough or even near noticeable for everyday music listening. If you're talking about wireless, then I can't say much about stuff like aptX and what not. but yeah, like I mentioned earlier, your best bet would be to add a post to that "hi res support" thread.
  14. I would agree with this. Since many menu items were hidden away by the sideswipe bars, there was "more room" for all the buttons that were overlayed on the main panel, but now that there are no swipe menus, those buttons must go somewhere and when you add the new features such as sleep timer and the visualization buttons, it all gets way too congested causing the whole app to feel small, cramped, and confusing. Even the panels for reverb and eq feel very small, cramped, messy.
  15. I actually prefer the old one since it was more "solid" and simpler imo. And what I mean by solid is that the ui seemed more static and clean. In the old one, the play button had its own place, the seek bar had its own place, the play functions had their own place. But now, on the new ui, everything is just overlapping one another. The play/ pause, next/ pre track overlap the seeking (probably my most hated new feature), adding pro buttons (aka playlist/ album skipping) makes seeking between tracks much more of a hassle. Which sucks cause I actually tapping accidentally on the album cover brings you to the songs section (the issue here for me is that the chances of accidentally touching this to go to song selection is higher since the area of the album cover is a lot bigger than what it used to be by tapping the song title) It also gets annoying how I have to keep backing out when I do accidentally touching it cause again, I'm triggering the event much more constantly. While that may seem picky cause my phone screen is off for the most part when I listen to music, but when I do look at the album covers, I do like the design for some of them and having the title and album name block out 20% of it kinda bothers me. Now that i'm typing all this, I guess my best way of describing the new ui is... the new ui is just WAY TOO cluttered. Max said that he didn't want stuff like side swipe bars and what not (and I understand that. For me, I hated the side swipe cause sometimes it would either not register or it would just swipe my song to the next/ pre track). But now that I'm using this new ui, where everything is plastered on one panel, it just makes all the functions cluttered and messy to use. Another example for that would be the visualization and sleep timer. While the visualization was cool, I never used it cause it's just a waste of battery, and the sleep timer is a nice feature, but again, something that I probably won't use. I don't want those buttons on my main panel cause again, it just takes up space and gives me that cluttered real estate feel. Or even look at the eq and reverb panels, again, they just feel so much more clustered than before. Idk, maybe third party skins can fix that, maybe and option could be added to allow users to go back to the previous layout, maybe I need to dig around the options more to get the player back to a state that I find enjoyable to use and not a nuisance. Idk, maybe I just need some more time with this, but for now, I can't say I'm too fond of this new ui.
  16. I think my personal disappointment was the fact that people wanted a new ui..... Seriously, a new ui? Sure the sliding menus hate me because I end up switching songs vs opening menu... But the non alpha version's ui was fine and it got the job done. So if you guys want to complain about delays, honestly, blame it on the fact that because of our votes max now has to redevelop the whole app from ground zero...
  17. Moyu, oreo notifications is a bug that has been discussed and has been looked at/ should be implemented in the next update.
  18. As I've been saying for some time now. Android versions get updated. The last time this app was updated was around Android 5.0. So again, considering how we're on Android 7.0 and going to 8.0, there's bound to be compatability issues. Hopefully, all these issues can solved whenever a new update comes out. Also, as I've been saying, outside of AptXHD, don't worry to much about high res, there really isn't a noticeable difference in music quality.
  19. The oreo issues are to be expected as google can and probably does change certain ways android handles components. The sound periodically dropping off, i can't say much since I haven't had that issue. Unless you're on Oreo, it could be an oreo issue. Hi res for wired is like saying you can hear a difference between Flac and mp3 at 320kbps. Unless you're using high end dacs and amp with a very detailed and high end speaker/ headphones, I doubt you'll get much out of this high res/ tell a difference.
  20. Hey man. Feel free to learn code and build it for us! Yes, I am a spaghetti coder, but I can tell you, coding and debugging take time. For certain projects, they can take a very long time... As of right now, my question for you is, "What from the new build do you need that the old hl build doesn't give?" sure, as I've discovered, maybe if you have wireless earbuds, then yes, maybe an update for support for AptX HD is cool, but other than that, what else? It's a music player that plays music. I can guarantee that if the beta never came out, this thread never existed, we wouldn't have a bunch of people complaining about slow updates and what not. And yes, I can understand the frustration of expecting an update but it just keeps getting withheld, but again, what will be new in this new update that the old Poweramp doesn't already give.
  21. Sure, they can release an update but depending on how soon oreo updates come out, they should make a judgment call on releasing what they currently have (if they finish) or just holding it off. That's all I'm saying.
  22. With oreo updates around the corner or whenever it could be smart to just release the new Poweramp after the oreo update. I'm very certain that if they released it, after installing oreo, the high res would incompatible or something.
  23. Have you tried disabling all the stuff like temp, eq, etc? Not sure if that might help. Unfortunately, I can't say I've had this issue with volume, speed, other playback errors and what not.
  24. Guys. As I've said before, at this point in time, all you can really do is just post your phone specs. The things like, "I've updated and now there's no support" "my phone says there's support but Poweramp doesn't let me" etc won't do anything. Again, it's been a few years, android updates every year, Poweramp, since it's last update, is behind in terms of compatability which is why you aren't getting support. The best we can do is wait it out and hope for the best in the next update. I've mentioned in another thread, bit all on all, unless you either have Bluetooth or you have very very very high end gear I doubt, as of right now, you're hearing more out of your songs with high res settings on.
  25. I mean. I'm running root with custom rom on my htc m9. No issues what so ever xd.
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