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    I absolutely agree with ThAtGuY7326. In my head I always had a automatic Audiobook Bookmark System as my old Sansa Clip+ had, but a manual one would may be even better. Additionally the shuffle thing is also a thing. I have two Audiobooks on my phone and their file amount is equal to my music files. When I shuffle all the songs, half of the time I'm listening to Audiobooks. thanks for considering our request.
  2. +1 I agree with Svenaldo. My Sansa Clip+ has this feature. It knows which files are Audiobooks and keeps the progress while I listen to other Songs. Maybe one could use the tags to differentiate betweet music and Audiobooks and just remember the last file and time of the last song with the Audiobook tag? Too much of a workaround? ^^
  3. +1 Seems to be a interesting Idea, I've only one concern. I see myself starting the music with a way to loud Volume desperatly holding down the Volume key but instead I just skip Songs ^^
  4. +1 even if it would save it in a seperate Poweramp library it would be nice. Allthough I have to admit that I have yet to find a Phone App to read the tags correctly :S
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