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  1. Just loaded Poweramp 2.0.2 on my Toshiba Thrive and it really doesn't look or work well on a large tablet display. Tone controls are spread out all over the place and there is much wasted space on most screens. Also the Thrive plays WMA lossless files just fine (even with the Hive Player installed) - except without cover art - why doesn't Poweramp? More and more of us are using tablets now - how about Poweramp support?
  2. +1 Again for Poweramp DLNA UPnP Support !!!
  3. Please provide support for WMA lossless (Windows Media Audio 9 Lossless) music file type. Poweramp is a premium player and many Android users (including me) have large collections of music ripped to WMA lossless files. This would be a valuable offering and unique product differentiator. Thanks!
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