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  1. Hey guys, thanks for answers so far. Actually I had read DarXide's answer earlier and have my set-up enabled the same way in the simple scrobbler, Poweramp itself, and the official last.fm app has been removed long time ago. I still am getting the same issue of around 10% scrobbles mysteriously disappearing.
  2. Hi! I have a full version of Poweramp and very happy with it. I however have experienced some problems with last.fm scrobbling from this app. I am using Simple Last.fm Scrobbler, and I am aware that it is difficult to know whether this is a Scrobbler or Poweramp issue, but one has to start somewhere. The problem is that not all tracks scrobble. Sometimes one or two tracks from an album will just randomly not scrobble. Both last.fm Scrobbler app and the Last.fm webpage show these tracks as "now playing". There is nothing that makes these tracks different than others which scro
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