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  1. After just posting this and returning to the app to try again, all my cast devices showed up this time. But it keeps disconnecting so much that I can't get through a single track... Before someone asks, I have a pretty strong internet connection. I still hope that this feature gets a bit more stable in future updates, or better yet if anyone has a suggestion to make the connection more stable that would be great.
  2. Not sure what's going on exactly, but I can't seem to use the chromecast feature. I have two google home minis in the house as well as the regular chromecast that you plug into a TV. It's not an older chromecast either, about a year old. My phone is an LG G7 and I'm running v3 build 822 (the one that was just released). Like I said, I can't seem to access the chromecast feature at all. The only indication I have is a faded out button in the small settings menu. Any help is appreciated.
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