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  1. Thanks @maxamp for your reply. I am on the Google Play Poweramp beta channel and I got all the previous versions, cant recall the version number but I am sure I got all of them one at a time, so it was exactly the previous one. I am unable to find log option in the settings, where do I find the log you requested?
  2. Having a problem with the Library list on Android 7.0 If I tap on Streams nothing happens and after this all other categories become inaccessible too, the app start behaving wrong. The screen is stuck to the Library and pressing Back button gives me player controls over the Library categories none of which I can still access, I am able to switch to the EQ screen but can never get back to the song view after this. Also unable to leave the app by pressing Back button. Only app restart fixes this.
  3. So far so good! I confirm v709 full Hi-Rez working on HTC 10 Lifestyle (Snapdragon 652). Tested for many hours, no more issues occurred
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