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  1. Well, most of this is already on the Poweramp's lock screen. It's a very interesting feature that allows to have a very useful "while playing screen" as lock screen, hence allows to interact with Poweramp and which, when exiting, directs me to android's lockscreen if I want to have any other interaction with my phone. It's a king of pre-android's-lockscreen (actually certainly a Poweramp widget within android lockscreen). It is brillant feature, which allows a quick interaction with Poweramp when the phone is idle but playing music or podcasts. It was already in build 585 but I hadn't yet noticed how convenient it is when I turn to be a serious listener. I'm very found of it. Only wishes it had a sleep timer toggle on it. For I cannot imagine a tasker scene in android's lockscreen that would switch the sleep timer state -- even on a rooted phone. Thezac.
  2. Still thinking... SLEEP TIMER Using the beta, as a registered user, I have set Poweramp lockscreen, which provides me quick and easy access to many of Poweramp's feature, and I am very found of it. Now, going back to my sleep timer easy activation desired feature... On the lockscreen I can decide to show various items : time/date, and progress bar, and repeat/note/shuffle... Could it be possible to implement a sleep timer button on Poweramp's lock screen, - maybe as an alternative to repeat, note and/or shuffle - maybe together with repeat, note and/or shuffle - maybe elsewhere in it's own place, up to you to decide ? SWIPE OVER LOCKSCREEN Then, if I was to tweak the lockscreen to my own usage, I would also like have a gesture, in the lockscreen : swipe left/right over album art (time & date in case of no album art) to rewind/fast forward. Optionally at a speed proportional to the speed of the swipe. Then, for me, Poweramp would have become my ultimate podcast player. Hoping and crossing fingers, Thezac.
  3. Hello. I use sleep timer, in Poweramp, every day when going to sleep. I set the timer to 15 minutes but it sometimes happens the delay is too short, and the player stops before I sleep. I then have to switch the screen of my phone on, unlock the phone, enter Poweramp, wander in the menu, activate the sleep timer, resume playing... All the process is quite awakening, and I look for a simpler way to do this. It seems to me Tasker can interact with Poweramp, but not change it's configuration. Is the timer a configuration setting, out of reach from Tasker, or a feature, that I can access from Tasker ? Then, if I could do it, how should I do it ? Many thanks, Thezac.
  4. Noted, Andre. This feature request can get lost in development mayhem. Other priorities... I have noted in a different thread that there is a possible interaction between Tasker I happen to have, and Poweramp. But that Tasker cannot change the configuration of Poweramp. Is the sleep timer a configuration setting, or a feature ?... I suppose I will ask the question in the Developer's area/External API thread. Thezac.
  5. Hi everyone. I use heavily sleep timer : I go to sleep with boring podcasts, and a sleep timer set at 15 minutes ; those podcasts are interesting and I want to resume them more or lesss at the same place the next night, so I don't play them for more than 15 minutes. But the set time is not always long enough to get me asleep. So, some nights, after the first 15 minutes, I have to switch on the phone screen, unlock the phone, enter Poweramp, tell it to activate the sleep timer, restart the podcast for another 15 minutes... All the process quite awakening me. Coming from RockBox, I had there a couple of interestings settings : - with rockbox customizable menu, activating the sleep timer was easy, and could be done without looking the device ; - any press on any button, while sleep timer is active, would reset the timer duration. I assume I cannot obtain the same with Poweramp. But I would be very interested in the coming options : - having the sleep timer activation more accessible ; - having the option to tell to Poweramp if I want it to run, by default, in sleep mode or not : hence, if I go to sleep with Poweramp on and with sleep mode activated for, let's say, 15 minutes, and it stops after the 15 minutes, I can just restart it using the command on my earbuds, or a BT remote on my night table, knowing it will stop after 15 minutes. And if at day I don't want it to stop after 15 minutes, I set the sleep time duration to 0, or I set the sleep mode to "deactivated". Or, alternative route, is there a way I can assign a keystroke on a BT remote control, or a special combination (triple press ?) on the wired headset control to activate/deactivate sleep mode ? Sincerely, Thezac.
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