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  1. Oh man. It's been a long time. Like people already said, I'm worried this will turn into a vicious cycle. He optimises for a new version of Android or a new phone but when he's done, a newer version comes out and then it'll be "Let's just do this one real quick" and then when it's nearly ready, another newer version comes out. I'm not trying to sound too entitled here and I know that real life can *** things up, but if something like this happens or is happening right now, do one version, push it, then do another. I mean, it says "You are now a beta tester for this app" for a reason. If I
  2. Reading this has been hilarious, to say the least. It's just a fucking music player guys, chill out. Sure, I too am anxious about the new release, but I feel like we are pretty well served with the build we have right now. Does it work without the new UI? Yes? Cool. I have literally never seen someone so pissed about something they think they deserve. Have a nice day.
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