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  1. Thanks for the reply. I tried increasing those two options, and they didn't help. I also tested to make sure that it happened regardless of the screen status, it's the same for both. I've also confirmed that it still happens if I'm playing through a bluetooth speaker as well. Also tried replacing a song file with a different one. Still the same pops at the same times. I'm completely at a loss here.
  2. Hey guys. I'm currently using the trial version of Poweramp, and am heavily considering buying it. However the one thing that's preventing me from doing so is this annoying pop that I occasionally hear in my music. This pop happens consistently at the exact same points in these same specific songs. One of the songs is Never Surrender by Combichrist. These pops don't happen in any other player I play them in. I can't find a pattern between the songs neither. Never Surrender is a song with a lot of heavy synths, so I thought that might have done something, but I remember (though no specifics) songs that had nothing like that but still had it. These songs are in the minority, but they basically get ruined from this since it always happens. I'm running Android Marshmallow 6.01 on a Samsung Galaxy S6. I'm listening through a pair of wired earphones. There's not issues with background processes, there's plenty of system resources to use this player. Nothing in the song gets skipped, the stream is uninterrupted, but this audible pop is laid over it and it's quite annoying.
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