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  1. Make a shuffle function which sorts the songs according to the most played songs.
  2. Thanks for the long descriptive answer. I'm a developer too and i understand what bloating can do to the software. Anyway i'll use any 3rd party app for that task. Have a great day!
  3. Sure But i just thought if it could be implemented. But thanks anyway!
  4. I totally agree with you bro, but usually i listen to music while going to my college and mostly i have to run to get in time . So, speaking something while running will always result in phone not catching what i wanted to know.And I've greenified google now because it consistently runs in background and sucks more juice. And for other apps, why to download an app for this thing when it can be implemented in PA itself. I mean it's not at all a big feature and you can give the option to enable/disable it. It will not even increase the overall size of the application as it will not have many li
  5. I need a function which can tell time while listening to songs. I find it very annoying to pull my phone out just to know the time. I really need this feature. It can be implemented like, the time function can be called after the headphone's key is pressed more than 3 times. As of now Poweramp Plays/Pause on 1 click,Next Track on two and Previous for 3 key presses.
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