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  1. Hey! Thanks for replys. I finish restore unit and play music with integrated app...the vendors suck...but i can use Poweramp in my tablet! thanks again!
  2. Ha Ha Ha, really sucks! (the translator) Well, i'm not newbie in this world, i was fight in past with the galaxy ace and his little system memory and try to fix it to my causin don't coming crazy, moving system apps to SD and more. Result: bad working.... Finally I felt down from my cloud....and reset the unit (parrot) to factory and I conform with the basic apps came in! Ok, the handsfree is the best I probe and the sound quality with my Alpine amp are all the good i can dream Thanks for help me! but i understand when the manufacturer save money, the user pay....simple...
  3. Yeah, the unit have a 5gb internal memory, but de system internal memory only have 600mb....(great from parrot!!) I move all tha apps that I can, but only gain a few mb...and system apps can't move to "internal SD"... Thanks for the tip. My english is poor, but, if you can understand me, i understand you! And so, the other people can help me too. PD: Google translator suck!! jajajja
  4. Thank u very much for your quickly answer. Really i read the FAQ and think that I can't do but....the hope....he he Thak u again! EDIT: Indeed, I can do it. I follow a "tuto" and i can install google services and playsotore in parrot asteroid, but the limited internal memory is a problem...after installed apk, the free space are only 30mb..... Then, I can install it and activate, but when I unistall google services, Poweramp wont start and I lose the activation...
  5. Hi from Spain! and sorry if my english is poor I'm probing the trial version from website download in my "new" parrot asteroid smart (android 2.3 without playstore services) and the player is cool! i decided to buy it and my brilliant idea was to purchase from my asus zenpad tablet with playstore service.... In tablet the activation was correct but now i want to activate Poweramp in parrot device and I can't do it... I know is my problem and my error....but....there was any way to activate my google account purchase in my other device without google services (parrot only have an own
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