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  1. palmcrash

    Status of Ratings Sync implementation

    Eh, gave up waiting and just bought PlayerPro. It syncs ratings fine with MediaMonkey.
  2. palmcrash

    Embedded Rating Tags

    PlayerPro reads ratings from tags properly (Settings > Music library > Rating system > select "Music files").
  3. palmcrash

    Status of Ratings Sync implementation

    +1 for waiting on ratings sync with MediaMonkey.
  4. +1 for "rating sync'ing from/to tags" (with MediaMonkey please)!
  5. palmcrash

    Embedded Rating Tags

    +1. My Palm Pre & even ancient iRiver sync'ed star ratings from tags fine. Tag-based song rating was the main reason I was looking for a music app (Google's music player only does thumbs up or down!)...