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  1. Sadly, it can't display any of the content folders on my card, not even a arrow on the left side of the card where root of the folder tree is present.
  2. No, I only tried using my desktop computer to reformat the sd cards because it is much faster that way. And I am sure that my phone have the lastest software installed.
  3. Yes, my other phone from Samsung which also uses Android 8.0 can properly detect both of my cards and scan for all the songs in proper order. Clearing file manager's data didn't help on my Aquos S2.
  4. Still no luck after clearing Media Storage's data and giving permission at the startup of Poweramp. I find out my other phone, Samsung Galaxy S7 have no problem detecting songs on external microSD storage, maybe I should also try clearing my File manager's data?
  5. So basically I press the back button after unplugging the phone and it pops the "select the music folder" for me and it is still the same. It seems that the loop will happen when it encounter fails upon scan for songs with what I have select for the music folder after plugging into a computer.
  6. I did copy a whole 4GB worth of 78 songs onto the card and only contain one folder, but with what your mentioning with the ">", I notice there is no such thing now for the external storage. Btw, after I plug in my phone to my desktop, it have now gone into a loop of infinity...
  7. So a quick update, I have switch out the Sandisk Ultra 128G for a Samsung PRO 64G and no luck so far. The card I replaced is completely new and I only created one folder on card for a few songs and it's still not able to scan for any songs, saying 0 library 0 songs.
  8. @flyingdutchmanBut you know what, I may actually try that tomorrow morning as here is 3:30AM now and I need to get some sleeping done so I will give you an update for that. Thanks again for your recommendation
  9. The problem is that I have tried dial back using the non beta version and that works flawlessly. And the beta 795 version can play songs on my microSD card but only by pass through from the file manager so I am pretty sure it is not a corrupted card. But still thanks for your help.
  10. It seems it cannot gain access to my microSD card. Any songs that are in my external microSD storage won't get pick up, showing me a empty library with 0 song. I am using a Sharp Aquos S2 (FS8016) with an Qualcomm S660 inside running on Android 8.0, any kind of advice would be appreciated. EDIT: I am using the 795 build form play store.
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