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  1. Thanks Andre I have already told everyone in this thread how I tried to resolve the problems (cf first page). I invested hours without a result and won't repeat. I was assuming, that any of the developers would fix this new problem that everyone has in loudspeaker mode after the Samsung update. But it seems impossible to solve - it's a petty. Was the one and only player with a good sound, no matter if on loudspeaker or headphones. Good luck.
  2. Hi Maxmp thanks for your answer - but I'm not using Poweramp to ignore TONE and EQ settings (which has been the value add of the app for years now)...then I could go back to Google and co...sigh. Thanks anyway. But I assume I'm not the only one (as the thread let's me guess).
  3. Dear Poweramp team ...any update on this side? Still suffering from distorted bass sounds on the loudspeakers :-(((. Can we expect updates from Poweramp. Using Google stuff as a (bad and unwanted) alternative at the moment ...thanks for letting us loyal users know...
  4. Really appreciate your time and feedback, Blaubär! Yes, I will try to fool around with the EQ-only settings instead. Still hoping, that my beloved Sound App will sound again like before, no matter if on headphones or tiny built-in loudspeakers. Thanks again and fingers crossed @maxmp ;-))
  5. Thank you Blaubär Yes I tried this out before that test above...it won't help. As I wrote, the problems sum up to these final observations: 1. Volume levels are lower than in native apps on the loudspeakers 2. Tone boosting, especially BASS, will distort the sound after a level of about 40% volume and about 50% bass setting
  6. It's really hard to tell every circumstances. I try...the sound reacts as follows: EQ and TONE switched off: All output plugins OpenSL not very loud (not as loud as Samsung/Google music apps), tone is flat and "bathroom radio like", but does NOT distort EQ on but TONE still switched off: HiRES: sounding quite nice with my regular setting (no extreme enhancements), NO distortion. But volume still lower that native apps and Audiotrack: sounding ok, not as "clear" as HiRES and a bit flatter. Rest as HiRES OpenSL: sounding also nice, but even more silent than the other two above EQ and TONE active (all output plugins only react after touching bass or heights buttons!): HiRES: At first no effect after switching TONE on but when touching the BASS settings it will distort heavily after 40-50% setting of bass Audiotrack: Similar effect as HiRES, but with "clicking" and strange sounds on top of the distortion OpenSL: Same effects as HiRES After this test it seems that it's the TONE-Switch that will not render the correct and "boom" output to the loudspeakers :-///. The EQ alone won't distort even with heavy bass settings. EQ-Setting of Samsung Equalizer or Dolby Atmos on/off will not affect the distortion (Atmos on will enhance the volume even in a desirable way!).
  7. I have some news to the audio problems: Managed to get the headphones working quite properly with Open SL output option, BUT The problem remains terrible on the loudspeakers As you all know, the Samsung S9 loudspeakers are quite cool in "emulating" a powerful ambient sound with its two loudspeakers. But it's just not working properly anymore with Poweramp. I tried all Output options with or without equalizer or tone adjustments (which are the reason to use Poweramp, as you all know). But it won't work. Either the sound is acceptable but ultra silent or it's at normal volume (see above) with p.e. Audiotrack, but only with all sound enhancements switched off. I also tried to disable UHD upscaling in Android Menu, disabling Dolby Atmos and/or Equalizer there. No effect! Remarkable: All Samsung Apps render a fine sound on the loudspeakers, no matter if it's YouTube or Google Music and so on... Could anybody from Poweramp please help. I don't want to quit using it... Thank you all.
  8. Sorry for being not precise: No it can be switched on, but it will distort again. Audiotrack with switched off EQ will deliver the correct (known) volume level. That's all...very annoying that Android update 😔😔😔. Thank you Blaubär
  9. Yes :-( OpenSL sounds OK, but the volume has to be raised very high (above 60%) to hear enough. Then it distorts when trying it louder. HighRES doesn't work at all...even more silent. Audiotrack has maybe the correct amount of volume, but no equalizer effects (sounds quite raw)... Any other ideas? Thank you, Blaubär
  10. Hey everyone Updated to new Android Version (Pie) and have the very same problems on my Samsung Galaxy S9. It sounds horrible and I'm addicted to Poweramp sounds. Didn't find a solution (and disabling DVC is worsening the problem with overdistorting everything). I got it working on a lower volume level, but Tone and Equalyzer settings won't react the way I'm used to :(((. The whole dynamics and power of the loudspeakers on the Samsung is gone. Would love to hear there is an update or some tweak we can use? Thanks in advance!
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