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  1. So in the old version of Poweramp there was an option to show the song that would be up next.. It was lumped together meta data in the player UI if I remember correctly. I know you have been hard at work to give us this new version of the app and I certainly appreciate it. Is there a similar setting in this new version or is just something that a coming in a future update. Thanks guys for all your hard work.
  2. Nevermind I found it thank you so much works great little app you've made. Thank you so much!
  3. So hey thanks for your help. I've followed your instructions. However the last step of open app and check "start service". Which app ? Power Amp ? I don't see that option? Sorry for being a tard. If you could elaborate or post the path to that setting. Once again thanks !!
  4. When I pull down my notifications I can see album art however I can't see or engadge the buttons, play/pause, next, reverse. I go into settings and change it to from whatever it's on and it will work until the next song then it's back where it was before .. I've tried changing every setting I can think of to no avail...Help ? * I've tried to attach a screenshot to show what's going on but I guess the files too big
  5. I'm going to say what no one else does. This app has been in beta for what seems like close to 2 years when are you going to get this done I know it's not important but I'm going to say it anyways I?
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