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  1. @maxmp Thanks for your reply! Would you recommend DVC + Standard (I think yes) or Hi-Res and no DVC? I will say most of my files are not FLAC/WAV and more of the MP3 320kbps and below.
  2. @maxmp thanks for the reply Max. Followed your instructions, and it is only with Hi-res and DVC enabled on my wired headphones. OpenSL and DVC work fine, but to my ears Hi-res sounds better. Here's the screenshot:
  3. Anyone else having this issue? Still exists for me and is really annoying.
  4. After some troubleshooting, I've determined DVC is causing this low level popping sound in Android 10 after about a minute of playback. It may be related to the buffer, but messing with the buffer settings does nothing. With DVC on (hi-res, wired headphones on LG G8), you will hear popping after a certain time period. It is continuous and forever. If you press pause, you will hear it trail off in the silence. It will then go away until you've reached that time/buffer again. DVC makes things sound better to me, so I like to use it. Right now I have it disabled.
  5. I unplugged headphones and plugged them back in and it worked. /Shrug Thanks, Max!
  6. Headset controls are totally broken in this build.
  7. Happens to me in playing from a folder. Even if I repeat the same song it stops. I click on play twice on my headphones and it plays again.
  8. I did a little more troubleshooting regarding wired headphone controls. For example, I will open up Poweramp, hit play on the screen, then open up Chrome, turn off my display... And headphone controls will not work. If I turn on the screen, open Poweramp, hit a headphone control (like play/pause), it will work. Additionally, the app will stay in focus and allow controls with the screen off and when switching to other apps.
  9. This seems similar to my issue which the wired headset controls/buttons only work consistently after a reboot and before any other application takes over audio, like Pocket Casts.
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