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    Poweramp alpha build-709

    I did a little more troubleshooting regarding wired headphone controls. For example, I will open up Poweramp, hit play on the screen, then open up Chrome, turn off my display... And headphone controls will not work. If I turn on the screen, open Poweramp, hit a headphone control (like play/pause), it will work. Additionally, the app will stay in focus and allow controls with the screen off and when switching to other apps.
  2. illwafer

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    This seems similar to my issue which the wired headset controls/buttons only work consistently after a reboot and before any other application takes over audio, like Pocket Casts.
  3. @maxmp i noticed with 705 that my -wired- headphone controls don't work as well. if i reboot and open Poweramp, it works fine for switching tracks. however, i think after i open pocketcasts (and close it), the focus for Poweramp isn't there to change the tracks. any thoughts on what to try? thanks.
  4. Isn't the new version 790 and not 709? Anyway, tried this version over 704. My experiences: Going to Folders would crash. No amount of changing settings, rescan, etc would fix it. Then I uninstalled, and reinstalled the new version. Going to Folders was fine. Then I would Import Settings from the old version and it was back to crashing. So something is off with the settings from one version to another. Wondering how the thumbs up/down is going to work in regards to the 5-star ratings from previous versions. I've purchased the app New Playlist Manager to always have these settings from phone to phone, or if I got a new SD card. These ratings are important. If you don't like a song, don't give it a thumbs down...delete it from your phone.
  5. LG v20. Hi-res fails . audio_policy_configuration.xml audio_policy.conf