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  1. no response till now. I purchased website build and activated it. I think you should improve the license verification mechanism. The other app purchased from g store is good. Also, please notice the comments in g store refer to it.
  2. First run unlocker is fine and passed cert verification. But, everytime I restart Poweramp, It pop up "Unlocker installation is broken". Please check. My Device: S7Edge Android version: 7.0 Apps all dowloaded from play store
  3. Yes. If you add account through exchange such as hotmail, the mail account cannot be identified. This is an issue.
  4. I added mail account in system email app (hotmail) on S7E. No matter what mail types (pop3, exchange, imap), PowerApp cannot be activated. It pops up a dialog shows the mailbox hasn't been registered. Please check.
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