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  1. This is entirely a problem of Max's own making. Had he never said there was a UI update coming, nobody would be waiting. If he had said "sorry there will be no more updates." no one would be waiting. I personally am very disappointed. I would have been willing to pay the license fee again for V3, such is my love of the player. But I am now not willing to give money to someone who can't even be bothered to give a two line update on his own website. Those who keep saying "he doesn't have to do anything" are quite right. He doesn't. But he has - he has promised a large update. And then barely said a word for a year! I'm a developer, I understand that projects over-run, unforeseen circumstances occur. He set expectations and that's on him. Even the mod can't work out why he won't spend two minutes of his time to update us. I mean, we all have busy lives, but he can't spare literally 2 minutes a month or so to update us? I hope the update is fantastic and does well. But I am frustrated by the whole lack of info.
  2. Still loving the new updates, sounds fantastic on my S6 - however 703 still has no album art in album artist for me. Also the list sort in the normal albums view seems to keep resetting to year?
  3. I'm also unable to get album art to show in the Album Artist list. I've done a full rescan and deleted the album art cache. Otherwise a really solid update - Album Artist was my last real must have. Thanks!
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