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  1. Where should I ask this please ?
  2. Okay, could you maybe explain how to put UHQA back in build prop please ?
  3. This is so weird and frustrating as I only use wired headphones to listen to music, I really don't get what is the issue, I have tried it all, reset the device, reset the app, reinstalling I really don't get it Also I noticed that on your screenshot it says variant: Samsung UHQA PCM On mine it says: USB DAC/BT only I'm sorry for constantly bothering with this, but could you maybe find a solution for me please ? Also I am on galaxy S9+ Exynos SM-G965F firmware version G965FXXU2CRLI
  4. Dear Max, I have also installed stable version but on my phone I just can't seem to have wired/aux on hi res audio I don't get it, could you please help
  5. Thank you for your response and for trying, it's weird I just did a factory reset yet I still can't seem to have Hi Res audio
  6. As of right now you can get the pie beta from XDA forums. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s9/how-to/s9-s9-pie-alpha-beta-sm-g960f-sm-g965f-t3867627 As to build prop I can unfortunately not acces as I don't have ADB either. Could you please check this Max senpai. Maybe try flashing the beta yourself and implement hi res already if it's not too much to ask 😁
  7. I have posted a while back because my Hi Res audio is not working on the S9+ One UI Beta A member of the forum told me kindly that he thought the problem was Samsung's UHQ wasn't implemented yet. After an update to the beta I noticed that UHQ has been implemented yet Hi Res audio still isn't working. I don't have the option of AUX/Wired Hi Res audio. Here are some screenshots as well as my audio_policy and audio_effects and audio_conf I could not extract Build.prop as I have not rooted my phone Hope you'll be able to help me out audio_effects (1).conf audio_effects.conf audio_effects.xml audio_effects_sec.xml audio_effects_common.conf audio_policy_configuration_sec.xml audio_policy_configuration.xml
  8. Samsung S9+ One UI Beta Poweramp built 814 audio_effects.conf audio_effects.xml audio_effects (1).conf audio_effects_sec.xml audio_effects_common.conf audio_policy_configuration_sec.xml audio_policy_configuration.xml
  9. It is present but non clickable
  10. I actually did that but I guess the image is too small as I've put multiple screenshots in it. Here you have a larger shot
  11. I am currently on the android Pie one UI beta for the S9+ Poweramp has always worked very fine for me but I've encountered this weird issue, it looks like Hi Res audio is broken but in player menu it says playing in Hi-Res
  12. Hi, The problem is when I open "OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output" I don't have the "wired Headset/AUX" tab, it disappeared so I can't change those settings but none of the other options are enabled for wired playback, this is the best way I can explain it So it makes me think the Hi-Res output might be broken on the S9+ with android pie rom
  13. I am reposting, not trying to be annoying just hoping for am answer
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