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  1. Thanks a lot, Max, for restoring the 5-star-rating system in the new beta version! I really appreciate it! However, it would be great to have the song's rating being displayed in every song list - not just in the "best rated" list. Since my collection is rather huge, I use the rating stars to quickly identify my favourite songs in albums and playlists. Thanks a lot for your consideration!
  2. I am sorry to say that, but the new thumbs up/down rating system would ruin the Poweramp app for me. This fact scares me a lot - since I really love Poweramp and - as far as I know - only a single other music player app with five-star-rating-system is left in the market (not to mention other key features/advantages of Poweramp). Unfortunately, even using the existing alpha-version of Poweramp for ever (or at least for the next 50 years...) seems to be no real option - since upcoming Android version most likely won't support ancient apps anymore... I am using the traditional five-star-ratings extensively - as well as the "best rated" auto-playlist which is based on these ratings. Right now, my "best rated" auto-playlist contains over 3,000 entries... Hence, I vote "Tranditional" and keep my fingers crossed, that my opinion will matter...
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