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  1. Issue resolved. Downloaded the most recent apk of Google Play from apk mirror and installed it, since for some reason the latest version my phone was updating itself to by default was around 2 weeks old.
  2. Yes I've checked the FAQs. It's a strange error, because I've done nothing of the sort mentioned in the FAQs to my phone. And that email address just sends me a canned response unrelated to my issue.
  3. I have run into this frustrating problem. I have Poweramp v3 build 793 installed on my stock unrooted Samsung Galaxy S9+. The Google Play app is untouched and updated to the latest version. Poweramp still won't verify the licence and says I might have modified Google Play with Lucky Patcher. I have attached screenshots regarding this issue.
  4. Everyone, let's vote for what's truly important: library functions! Without them you can't even use the basic functionality of the app properly. After that, High-Res should be the priority.
  5. Clear the App Data of Poweramp in Phone Settings. It started properly for me after that. ?
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